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24/03/2020 21.40 : weather station data outage, sensors lost connection to main hardware. This has been an issue for some time, where data suddenly stops being received and occasionally righting itself. Most times it needs to manually fixed.

25/03/2020 00.15 Weather station console is once again receiving live data, however this only coming after noticing it had gone out and performing manual service fix to correct the issue. It required a complete shut down and restart. Reset of the console.

25/03/2020 13:15 data sync information completely wrong, returning wrong temperature and air pressure. I have made a few alterations with multipliers hoping this fixes the problem.

25/03/2020 14.50 System needs to be completely recalibrated with nearest aiport and then offset to correct known values. This is not going to be a simple overnight fix. It may well be a complete shutdown and reset of the console of the station if this does not fix the problem, the hardware in the garden will need to be re-situated elsewere. Or in worst case scenario a new Davis station with extra sensors and a new stephensen box for multi sensors.