Humidity measurements

07.56 CEST @ 22.06.2010 by Admin

I was unaware that the station was recording in absolute humidity when it should have been recording in relative humidity. This has now been recitified.

Transmitter has been reconfigured and corrected data.

New weather station

18.06.2020 @ 05.40 EEST by admin

There is a need for a new outdoor professional weather station to replace the offset WS3080. While the accuracy of temperature and humidity are generally within correct perameters. The flimsy material and at times very short transmitter signal (only 100m and that is open field and not going through buildings, pc screens, walls etc.

The intermittent at times signal simply struggles in moderate adverse weather conditions, which causes loss of data. In turn this loss of data caused by loss of singnal (the station itself continues to record live weather data) cannot be upload to the site as historical data due to the desktop software having no ability to send this data, it’s only capability is to send live data. This means during the course of the year an almost continous loss of recorded data and for a local weather station this is not acceptable.

This same station sends data to other various online weather services such wunderground and others.

There is a need for a new weather station, and the most reliable under most if not all severe weather conditions is the Davis professional weather stations. The outlay cost is more significant than the current one in use (Offset WS3080) however the signal strength is longer / greater than the current station’s. There is an option to use software that continously stores and sends historical data to the website if there is a temporary loss of signal, so in other words even the signal was lost, the data would continue to be recorded and sent to the site as if no signal had been lost and it also means site weather data integrity would be in tact.

As for the purchase and deployment of one of the Davis station I cannot say, since I have a number of other projects that I need to complete and because of work. The new station is moderately high on my need to do list. When I have further information I will relay it here in advance of the current station being decommissioned and removed. Hopefully the transition period will be very brief and that it will be only a few minutes of complete down time as the new station’s physical hardware is deployed in various locations.

Station transmitter intermittently down

18.06.2020 @ 05.35 EEST by Admin

For the last 24 hours the station has not been receiving any signal from the outside station transmitter. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the main reason for the non existent signal was due to the torrential rainfall we had received over a number of days. This was blocking the signal such was the rainfall intensity.

The transmitter is once again transmitting it’s data and the receiver is getting that data and uploading it to the host website. For all intents and purposes the station did not go down or offline because technically it did not, but on the other hand the receiver never got the data to relay to the website and that is why there is now a 24 hour gap.

Everything is now running as it should be again.